Brief Introduction

        Sennuo Group started from Beijing Sennuo Furniture Materials Co., Ltd. founded in2002. After many years of operation, Sennuo Group governs six manufacturers, they are Beijing Sennuo Furniture Materials Co., Ltd., Shandong Shouguang Sennuo Furniture Materials Co., Ltd., Foshan Nanhai Shengnuo Furniture Materials Co., Ltd., Chengdu Sennuo Furniture Materials Co.,Ltd., Jiashan Sennuo Furniture Materials Co., Ltd. and Manzhouli Sennuo Wood-based Panel Co., Ltd. Now, Sennuo Group has been registered.


        Sennuo Group has been seeking breakthrough in continuous development, integrating resources actively and gradually implementing strategic transformation. In 2013, according to the wood composite processing and resource recycling, Sennuo Group invested 300million RMB in Manzhouli of Inner Mongolia to establish the bases of timber trading and finger-joint timber’s primary products processing. Using imported raw material from Russia, the base can supply dressed timber, finger-joint timber, solid wood profile, log cabin and wood beam, wall plate, solid wood furniture parts and biomass fuel for home furnishing companies, so the business development and product upgrading has been implemented.  In August of 2014, Wulanchabu Shengnuo Shareholding Co., Ltd. and Wulanchabu Sennuo Home Furnishing Materials Co., Ltd. were established in Wulanchabu City of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. In October of the same year, the program of Chahar Household Industrial Park started to be constructed officially under the cooperation of Sennuo Group, People’s Government of Wulanchabu City and People’s Government of Chahar Youyi Qianqi.  This program’s total investment is 13.1 billion RMB, covering a total area of 6000 mu, and its total construction duration is expected to be 4 years.  The Industrial Park includes ITEX, lumber primary products processing zone, the western household circular economy industrial park, western household headquarters and the international exhibition center.  After the completion of Chahar Household Industrial Park, it will become the important timber trade base; lumber processing base, household good distribution center and headquarters base in Western China, which will play a great role in promoting the economic development of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and even the entire Western region.


        Sennuo Group's target is to transfer gradually from the supplier of simple furniture materials and wood raw materials production to industry resource integration services which will always provide professional services for household industry quality enterprises.


        Sennuo Group has two major product systems: one is the raw materials system, such as materials of log cabin structure, log, sawn timber, finger-joint timber, wood veneer and biomass fuel; the other is household components system, such as wrapping profile, wrapping door, solid wood door, solid wood furniture parts, molded door, cabinets and window-door materials.


        Sennuo Group Core Values: 

        Struggle, Surpass, Collaborate, Win-Win


        Sennuo Group Principle: 

        Creditability; Professionalism; Innovation; Value





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